Welcome to my new branding! Inspired by the tropical vibe and the awe-inspiring ocean of my home country, the Philippines, I am excited to introduce my personal branding that encapsulates the essence of this vibrant environment.
The brand mark features a stylish wave cutout within my initial "P", symbolizing the rhythmic waves of the ocean that have always fuelled my creativity and passion for design.
The colour palette is reminiscent of the tropical paradise, with a primary blue called "Sunlit Sea Blue," capturing the vivid hues of the ocean waters. Complementing this is "Electric Lime," a vibrant neon green that adds a touch of energy and excitement to the overall branding. These colours evoke the warmth and beauty of tropical landscapes, infusing the design with a sense of liveliness and adventure.
To ensure visual consistency and elegance, I have carefully selected two captivating typefaces, "Articulat" and "Superclarendon," both legally licensed from Adobe Fonts. These typefaces strike the perfect balance between modernity and readability, enhancing the overall aesthetic of my brand.
I am truly thrilled with the outcome of this branding, as it reflects my connection to the tropical paradise and the limitless inspiration it provides. Take a moment to explore the exciting applications below, showcasing how this branding will come to life across various mediums.​​
Disclaimer: The graphic element templates used in this branding project, including the footage and mockup scenes, were sourced from Envato Elements (Envato Elements, n.d.), a subscription-based online marketplace for creative assets. The use of these graphic element templates was based solely on their quality, relevance, and appropriateness to the project's requirements, and does not constitute an endorsement of Envato Elements or any of its products or services. I, as the sole creator of this branding project, acknowledge and accept full responsibility for the use of these graphic element templates in this project. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this branding project are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Envato Elements or its affiliates. Envato Elements is not responsible for any claims or liability arising from the use of these graphic element templates in this branding project.

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